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November 1, 2008
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Treehouse Valley by Kamikaye Treehouse Valley by Kamikaye
Treehouses as far as the eye reaches (when you are not a wandering stargazer of course !), sunrays fighting their ways through the evening haze, or morning dew ? No one can tell , every star has his own rythm of light and dark, pulsating, never changing position, a 3 dimensional nail in the four dimensional veil of space-time holding together both of them, forcing them into a unity we call reality.

Linework done with fineliners (about 2,5 hours) and coloration ,about 3 hours , makes 5,5 hours.
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When we were children, how many of us at one point wanted or had a tree house in our backyard? To be in the air, within the sturdy and comforting embrace of strong tree limbs as the house was supported at least 12 feet off of the ground, was the perfect place for a child to let their mind go free dive into their imaginations as they lay in their small, wooden fortresses. For a child, it can truly be a genuine place of safety and personal isolation from any of the trials and turmoils that will systematically haunt them with. As for many of us artists, well, it sure is a great start for inspiration. Treehouse Valley, created by *Kamikaye, is a fine example of taking a basic concept such as a treehouse and overhauling it on a much bigger scale. Entire tree villages occupy these large wooden towers on their rocky perches that extend far beyond the highest clouds with the serene warmth of the setting sun, illuminating the world above. Just the very sight of this piece will send you through this visual portal and drop you in a world that few of us have secretly wanted to go forth to.

I love the work done on the treehouses and the various objects that make up their construction. Hanging wires and piping snaking through and around the trunk of the tree, scraps of metal hanging from the branches as well as supporting the buildings within the canopy and miscellaneous objects like a missile or rockets really give the whole scene a wasteland or scavenged look that is just brimming with personality. What really grabs my attention above everything else in this picture are the pillars of clouds and the sunset in the background. The clouds are beautifully depicted and really steal the show in the image. The tall, fluffy pillars stretching for the skies, give a great sense of scale and depth to the entire picture. Their overall design and smooth texture, can almost make the viewer imagine each and every delicately made brush stroke that the artists made in order to have these clouds formations looks as outstanding and intricate as the treehouses.

As lovely as the piece looks, there could be a few things done in the event that you want to touch it up in the future. Try and refine some of the smaller elements of the treehouses and make them stand out a bit more. Make some of the outlines a bit sharper on some parts of the constructs which will give it a stronger appearance in contrast to other parts that are older and decrepit.

All in all, this piece is still quite an amazing piece. The treehouses look great and are filled with a unique flair that makes one want to just stare at them. The clouds are still excellent drawn and designed as well as the illuminating sunlight that hangs about the entire scene. Great job on yet another beautiful piece, *Kamikaye. :D
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Lexi247 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
This is breathtaking
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Thank you :)
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this is gorgeous :D
Kamikaye Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Thanks :)
SamuraiTaiga Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
So beautiful....
Kamikaye Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Thanks :)
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i love your work <3
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